Sunday, September 9, 2007

Governor Deval Patrick at Amherst College

Saw Governor Deval Patrick speak at Amherst College as the keynote for the grand opening of their Center for Community Engagement yesterday. You can check out their official footage here.

Governor Patrick gave a great speech and then opened the floor to questions. He was inspiring, as always (how many Western Massachusetts folks could say they'd seen previous Governors speak four times in Western Massachusetts before they were a year into their term?!?). He also emphasized something a friend mentioned recently when we were bemoaning the state of Amherst's political scene: we need to get rid of cynicism in politics. That's a huge order, and while I can totally agree in the overall sense, it's incredibly hard to put into practice day after day (email after email, meeting after meeting...).

Leaving the Johnson Chapel, ran into several folks who agreed that it was terrific to be able to applaud sincerely for both the Governor and for Amherst College President Tony Marx. They are both good men. Not something I get to say often enough in everyday life.

Lincoln Avenue Speed Cushions

Select Board Meeting of Monday September 10, 2007 will include the soon-to-be-infamous Lincoln Avenue Speed Cushions.

ACTV usually provides live coverage on Channel 17 if you don't make it to the Town Room in Town Hall.

Community Preservation Act: Amherst's 1.5% surcharge

Thanks to Clare B. and Gavin A. for bringing this info about the Community Preservation Act across the Commonwealth to my attention.

Sunday Republican article
, Sunday September 2, 2007

Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston
, July 2007: The Massachusetts Community Preservation Act: Who Benefits, Who Pays?

See the Town website for information on Amherst's adoption of the Community Preservation Act; we were one of the first communities to do it.

Massachusetts Community Property Taxes 2000-2007

Thanks to Jim C. for bringing this great interactive map on MA property taxes to my attention.