Monday, November 3, 2008

Remember to Vote TWO Ballots in Amherst tomorrow:-)

Remember that in Amherst, you need *two* ballots tomorrow, don't forget in all the excitement! Sample Amherst ballots

How Alisa is voting on Tuesday November 4, 2008:

Aaron Hayden for Amherst Select Board

(and yes, Obama/Biden & all the incumbents)


1. NO A No vote would make no change in state income tax laws

2. YES A Yes vote would replace the criminal penalties for possession of one ounce or less of marijuana with a new system of civil penalties

3. NO A No vote would make no change in the laws governing dog racing

4. NO so that the CPA tax is retained at 1.5%, not increased to 3%

5. YES for single payer health insurance and for not penalizing people for not buying crappy overpriced insurance (editorializing mine:-) (non-binding)

6. YES for pressuring us to do better with the greening of America, although I also understand this reason to vote No (non-binding)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

BCG FY09+ Budget Forum on Monday February 11th starting at 7 pm in the Middle School Auditorium

[copy of email sent to 433 Amherst community members]

OK, folks, attached.pdf hot of the press from the schools (coming home in backpacks on Thursday, I think).

You can also provide a link to the Town website front page, middle:

Get it out there, please. We need lots of people *throughout Amherst* to understand what's going on if we're going to do anything other than rearrange deck chairs while we decimate the elementary schools in FY09, and we need a *plan* that gets us on track to survive (and thrive!) without some magical infusion of funds from the state and federal governments, because they are *not* coming to save us, no matter how hard we lobby them! (although yes, you still have to do the lobbying:-)

Talk to a BCG member if you have any questions; this is their show:

Thanks so much for helping make our community what we all want it to be!

Take care,

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

February 5, 2008 Primary Amherst Precinct Returns

Clinton-Obama-Other Dems

Precinct 1: 136-291-12
Precinct 2: 242-477-09
Precinct 3: 104-213-05
Precinct 4: 104-213-03 (not a typo!)
Precinct 5: 167-351-14
Precinct 6: 305-611-25
Precinct 7: 236-527-24
Precinct 8: 364-749-14
Precinct 9: 194-465-05
Precinct 10:102-242-07
Total someone:-) provided: 1954-4139-128