Friday, September 21, 2007

Strategic Partnership Agreement with UMass 082307

Some attachments just aren't meant for Blogspot, so go on over to my old campaign website for the Strategic Partnership Agreement and the Mutual Aid Agreement .pdfs

I'll post the article from today's Gazette later.

I believe the Ethics Commission will not find any conflict of interest for Mr Kusner (UMass professor) or myself (husband is UMass lecturer). We both disclosed verbally, publicly at the Select Board meeting of September 17, 2007, which is sufficient under the law. While my written disclosure is not yet on file at the Town Clerk's office (and yes, of course I agree it would have been ideal to have it there already), it will be soon.

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LarryK4 said...

Yeah, better late than never... I suppose.

I also notice you made the motion and his Lordship Mr. Weiss (belatedly) seconded it BEFORE you verbally disclosed your conflict. Again, better late than never...I suppose.