Thursday, February 11, 2010

Speak now re: Override Question on the March 23, 2010 Ballot

BCG's February 10, 2010 recommendation to the Select Board:  
Shall the Town of Amherst be allowed to assess an additional $1,765,441 in real estate and personal property taxes for the purposes of funding the following expenses: Town Operating Budget ($537,252), Elementary Schools Operating Budget ($400,000), Regional School District Assessment ($739,195), and Libraries Operating Budget ($88,994) for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2010?  
So for those of you who didn't notice me mentioning this at the Monday Feb 8, 2010 Select Board meeting: If you have an opinion on the March 23 ballot question itself, speak now via email to -- we're signing off on the language tomorrow morning Friday Feb 12, 2010 at an 8:30 am meeting at which there will be no time set aside for public comment.

1 comment:

LarryK4 said...

Please, make my job easy enough to do while I sleep:

Rubber stamp the BCG recommendation strong-armed by Princess Stephanie with no changes.

And especially, by all means (Make My Day!) do it as a single all-or-nothing amount so that us clueless, hillbilly taxpayers can't pick and choose from a Menu of what we would support taking bread off our table to fund.

Because as Princess Stephanie said yesterday, "We give choice too much credit" Yikes!